The women’s shopping experience at a physical store is fraught with problems. Long payment queues, crowded shops and struggles for parking spaces are not enjoyable. At Kanvas you can complete your shoe shopping and make your payments with our easy payment methods and our helpful customer service . Just a few clicks, or a few taps on your smartphone, and you are done! Enjoy your online shopping journey at Kanvas and get the best of shoes for all your needs.
Mud Brown Block Oxfords
•  These oxfords exhibit one of India’s foremost crafts, Block Printing in its most authentic f..
Mixed Block Moccasins
•  A moccasin is a shoe, made soft leather. These Mixed Block Moccasin..
Mint Mughal Kitten Heels
•  This product will take you down to the Mughal empire and its intricate frescos. It's print i..
Madhubani Tan Moccasins
•  A moccasin is a shoe, made soft leather. These madhubani moccasins,..
Lime Green Loafers
•  Make a note to get noticed when wearing these Lime Green Loafers. This ergonomically de..
Lime Gond Sneaker Loafers [Stock Clearance]
•  Lime Gond Sneaker Loafers are handcrafted with love using Gond as an inspiration created by ..
Lemon Yellow Royal Ballerina [Most Trend Setting]
•  Ballerinas are the perfect flats, we look for every occasion which offers eye popp..
Lemon Mor Ballerinas
•  Brave the festive shenanigans and step out for a weekend outing in style wearing these ..
Kalam Strap Women's Sandals
• These chappals are durable and comfortable to wear and will go on any traditional or cas..
Indigo Mahal Jali Oxfords [Best Seller]
•  As majestic as the name suggests, these oxfords are bound to look elegant due to their ..
Indigo Checkered Oxfords
•  Dabu printing is a unique art form that involves resist form of printing. These are han..
Indigo and Tan Block Oxfords
•  Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted art, found in parts of India. A very loved art..
Grey Rust Oxfords [Most Versatile]
•  Crafted with the most premium craftsmanship, they depict complex color patterns in the most ..
Grey Kachi Embroidery Oxfords
• The Kachi Embroidery is a handicraft signature art tradition of the tribal communit..
Grey Jacquard Ballerinas and anklet
•  Grey Jacquard Ballerinas and anklet, this piece is a uniquely woven design with dual tone Ja..
Grey Ikat Platform Wedges
•  Grey Ikat Platform Wedges have detailing of Kantha work on a woven irate weave surface. Each..
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