Yellow Abstract Ballerina
Rs1,600.00 Rs799.00
•  Make the heads turn as you step out as you adorn this pair of ballerinas. This pair of ..
Yellow & Red Floral Ballerina
Rs1,599.00 Rs699.00
•  Ballerinas are the perfect flats, we look for every occasion which offers eye popping c..
Yellow & Orange Madhubani Kolhapuri
• For the festive season and beyond, look no further than these gorgeous kolhapuris designed by Kanv..
White Ancient Ballerina
Rs1,400.00 Rs699.00
•  Absolutely drooling over these white ballerinas, with a blend of multi colours. On its ..
Violet and Gold Embroidered Slip On Wedges
•  Breakout some charming warm-weather style with these embroidered wedge sandals from Kanvas. ..
Turquoise Mughal Sequins Ballerinas
•  This product will take you down to the Mughal empire and its intricate frescos. It's print i..
Tire Print Oxfords
Rs1,799.00 Rs699.00
• These women's tire print oxfords serve up a simple, sophisticated style easy to coordinate. T..
The Black Kalam Sneakers
Rs2,400.00 Rs1,099.00
•  Hand crafted shoes with motifs inspired by kalamkari style of painting. Kalamkari ..
Tan & Indigo Block Oxfords [Viewers Choice]
• Chic, elegant and surreal with its appearance, it provides a look of Indo Western dapper, ma..
Star Strap Buckle-Up Chappals
Rs1,599.00 Rs899.00
• These chappals are durable and comfortable to wear and will go on any traditional or cas..
Scratch Wood Derby Shoes
Rs4,199.00 Rs2,999.00
• These are a single piece crafted shoe and are know for their unique lace pattern and panel details..
Sanganer Gold Oxfords
Rs1,999.00 Rs1,499.00
•  Traditional art from the region of Sanganer beautifully captured in intricate motifs using t..
Red Printed Sequins Ballerinas
Rs1,799.00 Rs999.00
•  This product will take you down to the block prints of rural India. It's print is developed ..
Red Gond Kolhapuri
Rs1,499.00 Rs599.00
• The Gond is the largest tribal community in India, their style of depicting stories through psyche..
Red Embroidered Pumps
Rs2,799.00 Rs999.00
•  Madhubani artwork practiced as a pious ritual in the ancient times, it still manages to give..
Red Embroidered Ballerinas
Rs1,999.00 Rs699.00
•  Dance down at your best friends wedding your make your festive season memorable with this br..
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