In our attempt to revisit our roots, Indian designers have established new found love for everything traditional. While the market today is flooded with designs claiming to be original, it is rare to come across a designer who identifies the right weave, the accurate stitch and intricate patterns. came to us as a new lease of life. Under the genius of in house designer Komal, Kanvas presents a range of shoes to match every occasion. The beauty of Kanvas is its design. Staying true to its name, Kanvas collaborates with artisans for the finest handcrafted design that you could add to your everyday wardrobe. 

Available in a burst of colors and hordes of prints these shoes add the element of quirk to your robe. We chose to experiment with our looks, pairing some of their custom designed shoes:

1.     The Brown Block Oxford: Everyone seems to love the Oxford and most women can’t stop gushing enough about how comfortable they feel in them. What makes this pair unique is the print. Complementing our Indo-Western attire to a whole different level, these red printed Oxfords exhibit one of India’s oldest art forms – block printing. It’s just the right mix of tradition and modernity for the bold Indian woman who does not like to be bound by rigidity. The perfect choice of shoes for a traditional affair or a weekend by the beach.

2.     The Indigo Mahal Jali Oxford: While most look at flat shoes as a teenage girl’s shoe choice, Kanvas has set out to redefine the humble shoe. We opted for these indigo dabu print for our day at the library. The dabu print is considered to be one that puts the craftsman’s patience to the test. The end result however, is what you see in this intricately designed blue pair. We chose to pair the oxfords with a solid maxi dress and it added just the right amount of color with its vibrancy and traditionally drenched design. 

3.     The Mughal Fresco heels: Ditch those glittery gold stilettos or boring wedges for these uber dramatic heels. The Mughal print screams grandeur, the color commanding your attention in court. What the shoe manages to successfully do is breakaway from just being labeled in culture with its modern twist. Kanvas throws in the belt around the ankle to create a shoe fit for the modern day queen. Although we teamed this pair with a host of colors, nothing about the attire screams ‘loud’.

4.     The White Madhubani Ballerinas : Ballerinas are every girl’s best friend . When it comes to strutting in fun the comfort of ballerinas keeps you off your toes. The splendid pattern and colour play offered by Komal’s design gives greatest opportunities to dress vibrant and quirky in colorful  yoga pants and geometric  tops.

What we love about Kanvas Kloset is its ability to fit in, no matter what your garb. It is comfortable, high quality and every bit fashionable. In all ways it reflects our cultural traits and lineage through the fine craft of India’s artisans. It gives local design an international platform and helps acquaint the rest of the world with what India should truly be known for  its art. 

It’s literally like wearing a canvas on your feet, only much more comfortable. For those who love art, a Kanvas Kloset pair could be well worth the investment.

  • Jan 12, 2017
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