Wearing high heels for women is a fashion trend that has spread over the world. However, many girls do not quite know that it takes extra effort and a particular technique to carry themselves in heels the right way. It is not uncommon to see women walking awkwardly and uncomfortably because they are literally not prepared to walk in stilettos. So before you rush to buy that gorgeous looking footwear, prepare yourself to carry off such an exclusive look!

Since most people buy high heels online in India (especially these days); the most important factor is purchasing the right kind of footwear. With so many different manufacturers in the country; it is important to remember that not every brand of footwear is made according to "Foot Science". Comfortable footwear is manufactured according to certain design and ergonomic factors, which are based on different foot types and walking styles. In case of high heels for women, the lady must adjust her walking pattern to suit the footwear. However, it is also important that the shoes themselves are designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Apart from selecting a design of footwear that you can adapt to, wearing high heels should also have a degree of practicality. High heels along with formal clothes look amazingly empowering when carried out with confidence. However, this takes practice; since you cannot appear uncomfortable or distracted by your attire. If you buy high heels online, Indian manufacturers usually have different ranges of formal, casual, and party wear. However, eventually, your high heels will put some stress on your ankles and calves. Remember to slip out of your heels for a few minutes every few hours, especially if you're wearing them through a full work day!


The most amazing designs of high heels for women are stilettos, but please buy shoes you can actually walk in! Though six or seven inch heels may look amazing as footwear, they are extremely difficult to carry yourself in. If you're not used to wearing such heels, start with smaller stilettos and get used to walking in them for long hours. Most stores where we buy high heels online in India will also have a great collection of smaller heels in similar designs. If you are determined on a particularly high heeled shoe however; please remember to walk up and down your living room or bedroom enough times to be confident of your gait!

  • Jun 22, 2018
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