Have you ever wondered whether you are actually wearing the right kind of shoes on a regular basis? Since a fashion statement seems to become the major factor; we rarely take care to wear shoes or sandals that are actually good for our feet. The right footwear can change the way we walk, stand, sit; and even the level of confidence visible on a person's general demeanor! However, this requires the footwear to be designed and made scientifically.

It is simple to find a host of local and international brands selling every imaginable type of footwear - from ballerina shoes for women, to hand crafted high heels; but many of these shoes are not actually designed according to the careful science behind shoe making!

Even if you're buying the simplest formal shoes or pump shoes for women online, it is important to remember a few facts about buying the right kind of footwear -

Most women's shoes available in the market are focused on a unique fashion statement rather than practicality and durability. However, in recent times, specialist shoemakers and handcrafted designer shoe companies in India have begun to apply the proper science of shoe making even to the trendiest high heels or kolhapuri chappals!

Women often buy footwear on obsession, and this is a small indulgence of the fairer sex! However, if you are buying any specific footwear like formal heeled shoes, or ballerina shoes for women; it is important to find a brand which suits your feet comfortably.

Since most handcrafted shoes in the retail market are made to standard measurements; it is very important to find the right brand. The specific style of each manufacturer is bound to differ; and the fit and comfort depends on your individual foot shape. Even simple footwear like pump shoes for women commonly available online may not fit every person equally!

Whether you are buying products from a handcrafted designer shoe company, or a widely available retail brand; always make sure your feet can breathe at all times. Even in open footwear like sandals and kolhapuri chappals; strained straps, or tight toeboxes will cause your feet to chaff and sweat to some extent.

One of the most important comfort factors of wearing the right kind of shoes is the perfect pressure on your feet. Shoes you are wearing for long hours at work should not add any undue pressure to the sides of your soles; but it should not be awkwardly loose either. Well designed heels should not strain on your feet, and slippers should not be too loose.

If you are buying footwear online, make sure you can return / exchange the product within a week from delivery. Often, a shoe may seem to be the right fit; but keep it on for a few hours before you can be sure! Even if you are purchasing from a handcrafted designer shoe company, you can only understand the fit after a few hours of keeping them on!

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