"Kanvas aims to nurture the art of hand-painting, encourage people to value handicraft and traditional techniques of intricate design and spread joy through the verve of colors."

Our country has a rich heritage of art and design. Various forms of painting and textile art have flourished for a long time in India. At Kanvas, we believe that we need to protect these dying art forms. Without patronage, the artisans who work tirelessly to create these handicrafts feel disillusioned and prefer to discontinue their practice. They pursue other labors in order to earn a regular source of income. This is terrible news for such valuable, indigenous art-forms.

At Kanvas, our ambition is to revive these ethnic styles by transforming it into contemporary forms. Some designs are digitalized to make it commercial. Our footwear is created by Indian artisans who give their time and effort into the making of each pair. We want to pursue and nurture Indian art so it thrives in new, enchanting forms.

Kanvas is an Indian brand, and proudly so.

Final Spray Touch Up in added if necessary. The final work is decided as per the style of the shoes.

Each piece is cut individually with a special cutting tool. No machine is used in the making of our shoes.

Detailed Art Work Creation Kalamkari in the making.

Each piece is hand drawn and cut to fit perfectly.

Ancient old techniques of sole attachment are used for the durability of the shoes.