The Mystique of the Mughals
Kanvas creates products that celebrate Indian ethnic designs. Our products are handmade with traditional techniques and inspired by various art forms. 
Our Spring summer collections were inspired by our visit to the pink city of India, Jaipur. Our collections areglim of that era. We have recreated the frescos and architectural elements and incorporated them in beautifully made shoes.
Mughal Vintage Motif Loafers
Rs4,200.00 Rs3,199.00
• Go vintage and make a bold fashion statement with the Mughal Vintage Motif Loafers. With the timel..
Mughal Royal Motif Loafers
•  The classiness of your outfit for any casual occasion will be immediately enhanced as you wa..
Grey Mughal Pointer Kitten Heels
•  Look like a diva and capture all the male attention as you make them weak on their knees, we..
Black and White Tassel Loafers [Clearance Sale]
•  Hand crafted shoes with motifs inspired by the mughal frescos.•  Flat slip resistant so..
Navy Blue Mughal Loafers
Rs4,499.00 Rs3,999.00
•  The print inspired by the Mughal Architecture is an architectural style developed by the Mug..
Mughal Powder Tint Buckle Up Brogues
•  Make a luxurious statement with these vibrantly combined brogues, and get ready to be floode..
Mughal Pastel Pendant Loafers
Rs4,600.00 Rs3,499.00
•  Look smart and earn scores of new admirers wearing these Mughal Pastel Pendent Loafers. Exhi..
Mughal Mustard Whole Cuts
Rs4,000.00 Rs2,999.00
•  Mughal Mustard Whole Cuts endorses a style that strikes a fine balance between the classic a..
Mughal Emerald Tassel Loafers
Rs4,500.00 Rs3,199.00
•  Kanvas offers premium footwear with commitment to craftsmanship, timeless style & innova..
Dusky Yellow Loafers
•  These loafers are the perfect flats, we look for every occasion which offers ..
Charcoal Pendent Pumps
•  Gone are the days of usual styling of foot wear. Kanvas bring to you these tie up pumps, to ..
Blue Enchanted Salsa Heels
•  This vibrant and color popping heels, enhance your look without any attention needed on your..
Black & Gold Loafers
Rs4,499.00 Rs3,199.00
•  The print inspired by the Mughal Architecture is an architectural style developed by the Mug..
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